Find The Right Size Bloccs® Cast or Dressing Cover

Bloccs® Protectors are invaluable whenever and wherever you need waterproof cast or dressing protection — whether pool, beach or bath. Finding the right sized cast protector is a snap using our guides provided below.

Step 1: Find the right protector for your cast or bandage: arm or leg, then full or half-length.

Step 2: To ensure a proper fit, measure the overall length of the cast as well as the distance around.

Step 3: Choose the Bloccs® protector that will fully fit over the cast or dressing.

Bloccs USA Waterproof Kids Arm Cast Covers

Easy To Use Cast and Dressing Covers!

Bloccs® Cast and Dressing Protectors are easy to use and wear. Our video shows how to put on the Bloccs Cast Cover correctly so you can be confident that you are using the product properly.

Bloccs USA Cast Covers Sizing Charts

Bloccs Size Guide for Arm Cast Covers

Arm US Sizing Charts 2020 3000px

Bloccs Size Guide for Leg Cast Covers

Bloccs USA Junior Leg Size Chart

Bloccs Size Guide for Elbow Dressing Covers

Bloccs usa elbow sizing guide